Fiction-Editing Services

I’m thrilled you’re here.

Writing a book is a major undertaking, and I know that finding the right editorial support can feel that way too. Your book is really important, and it’s a wild world out there.

Your best editor is going to be the one who naturally aligns with your writing approach and your goals for your book, and my perspective isn’t entirely conventional.

This might be great news, or it might mean we’re not the best fit for each other. I’ll let you decide.

Here are the three most important things to know about my editorial approach.

1. My fiction-editing services are entirely developmental.

There are many one-stop shops out there that offer everything from editorial critiques to proofreading. I used to be one of them. What I’ve discovered, after nearly a decade of doing this work, is that there’s a reason publishers hire teams of editors rather than one editorial rockstar: it makes better books.

My greatest strength is closing the gap between your vision for your book and the text itself.

It’s better for everyone when I spend most of my time in the guts of your book, helping you locate and pluck readers’ heartstrings—and you find someone who is truly passionate about sentence structure to do your final proofread.

It’s my hope that you’ll find and enlist a copyeditor to finalize your book after we’ve developed it … or secure a book deal, and have the publisher do that editing for you.

2. My editorial approach centers your vision for your book, not the hottest market trends.

Let’s be real: no one knows what kind of book will sell best. The publishing industry itself has no idea, and anyone who tells you differently is selling you something. And it’s probably really expensive.

Any editorial approach designed to make your book “suitable for market tendencies” is sucking the soul out of your creative work—and the last thing the world needs is more commodified fiction.

What the world does need is heartfelt, creative storytelling that matches the deeply held and, dare I say, sacred intentions of the author.

And authors need help aligning their actual text with that vision. And some accountability and support.

So that is what I offer.

3. I don’t edit by forcing your Story into prescriptive book structures.

I’ve gone into more detail about my editing approach elsewhere, but the core of it is this: Each book is its own wild thing, with its own unique problems and solutions.

It’s not that we can’t learn from nine-step systems and pinch point structures and the snowflake method—that’s not it at all. There’s always something you can take away from any angle you use to consider your creative work.

It’s that good books are organic. And that makes them complex, like ecosystems and human emotions.

And if you’ve ever learned about complex, organic systems, you know that there are no simple fixes. There are only complex fixes that are customized for the particular issue at hand.

Again, that is what I offer.

If this all sounds good to you, let’s talk about your options.



Editorial Assessment

Incisive feedback on the first, most critical, pages of your book.

This package includes an initial consultation, a review of the first 20 pages of your book, a one-page summary of my findings, and a 45-minute call to discuss.

It’s a great package if you’re looking to test the editorial waters or if you’ve sent a lot of query letters without a request for a partial.




Craft a BOOK that shines
from start to finish with
my signature developmental process.

Storycrafting is an 10-month developmental crucible for your fiction manuscript.

This package includes progressive in-text edits, on-call editorial consulting, and monthly progress calls—exactly what invested authors need to execute story to their highest capacity.

It’s the best choice if you’re looking for editorial support through the entire breadth of the revision process (or you’re still drafting).

Includes a manuscript review.

This is the only package I offer that includes in-text developmental editing.



Manuscript Review

Discover your book’s strengths and needs + your best next steps.

This option includes a full read of your manuscript, a three-page summary of my findings, a step-by-step revision plan, and a 90-minute call to discuss.

This package is great as a stand-alone option for confident writers or the first step of your publication approach with a larger team.


glitter clients.png

Shannon O’Neil - Killer Shine

“Simply put, I would not have a book
without Brenda.”

There are tons of qualified editors out there who can line edit your book and clean up your typos, but Brenda is so much more. As a true developmental editor, she can take all the crazy thoughts in your author brain and help you make sense of them.

The thing I loved most about working with her was that each time we talked about my book, she never treated my characters like they were two-dimensional figments of my imagination. She talked about them like they were real people (which, to me, they are). 

It made me feel so comfortable and so able to trust her with my thoughts—and it was also tremendously helpful in developing my characters and plot. She pushed me to really think about the emotions and motives of my characters and how they would react in certain situations. 

Brenda is passionate about her work, and it's contagious. She motivated me through the whole writing process and made the editing process (which is normally very arduous) so enjoyable. I will definitely be working with her again, and I can't wait!


Not quite ready to commit?

I’ll send you my editorial readiness checklist—everything you need to consider
before you say yes to any editorial support, including mine.